Seminars:    John frequently conducts corporate training sessions which lead to improved behavior and improved results-


  • Creativity!
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Motivation
  • Sales Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Process Improvement / Getting Organized
  • Networking
  • Communication

Organizing:  "Hands on" help in getting control of your time, clutter and flow of information.  John will help you gain clarity and reduce or eliminate distractions and mental traps which can cost you five minutes or five years.  Working together, you will develop strategies, tactics and some new behaviors which will increase your efficiency forever!  John works with people in business settings and also home and home office environments.  Call for a free needs analysis today.  ("Getting started is a 100% cure for procrastination!")

Coaching / Consulting:  John has worked with individuals as well as organizations at identifying and achieving goals.  Whatever it is you'd like to accomplish personally or professionally, you don't have to do it alone!  John will "lead with listening" and then partner with you "right to results."  You can accomplish things on your own, but it happens faster and it's a whole lot more fun with some experienced help.  Remember, even an Olympic athlete has a coach!